This is the TA22 I found in the lot of the local toyota dealer when I went there to get a oil drain plug gasket for my RA40. When the price is right... I think I'm really a celica addict now... As of 11 juli 2000 it's mine.

When we arrived at home we needed to make a few new pictures. We just had to have one with the TA60 and the AT160 of Marcel. The spoiler is a wierd one that looks like after market. (don't know if there ever were original spoilers for the car). In the curve on the back you see a faint red stripe. Nicely done.

We went top a friend to let him check out the rattle in the engine. We discovered that the rattle comes from the bottom half of the engine and we think it's somewere around the 3rd cylinder. This could mean a rattling piston. Our friend is pretty sure about this. This would mean that we have to rebuild the complete engine. As he has the spare 2T-G engine we've decided to put that engine back together again and swap the engines so the TA22 can get back on the road again. (has bin of it for to long and we know what happend with the TA60 in while it didn't drive)

Because the TA60 didn't get trough the safety inspection and we decided that 3 project were more then enough we changed the crappy rims and tires with the set under tha TA60. The car looks nice now, with 'normal' tires under it, and drives a lot better.

BTW we also found the window handle for the rear window and it worked perfectly. (which supprised Marcel a bit as he didn't know that it was this model that had this feature :-) )

After washing the car and finally giving it it's new rims we went out on a photo shoot. She's looking nice, isn't she.

Oh, we found the cause (or at least one of them) of the knocking sound... These bearings don't look good to me. ;-)

To save the car a bit, we decided to take the car off the road till we replaced the engine. To bad we didn't have the time for it till now. This week we're starting on the replaceent engine. We'll start with an inspection of the bearings.

I've added a nice app to calculate all costs made for this car. Just folow the link.
If you want to take a look at all the pictures I've got online, take a look here, just click on the image to view the fullsize image.

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