This is the car I bought 'just to learn'. and was the start of a hobby that got a bit out of control.

The idea was to restore the car back to it's original state. For that I needed a set of doors and some other parts. That lead me to an add for the TA28 I'm currently restoring.

The previous owners wanted to make a race monster out of it, and tho I didn't plan to make one out of it, but it's going to get a 2TG engine when we can get it back together. (The engine is a gift, but completely taken apart so lots of fun there)

Hmm, I'm afraid that the MOT put a pretty definitive end to this project. The engine will make a nice replacement for my TA22 as the engine in that car has a loud rattle in it.

As of juli 26th 2000 the car got a new owner. It's going to be a nice parts car. Pictures of the dismantling of the car will come online as soon as I have them. It's hard, but there are better 60's on the scrapyard then this one so it's no use trying to save it.
I think it's rather ironic that I got the 60 in 1 piece and it's going out in parts and I got the 40 as a kit and it's going to it's first safety inspection in 10 years august 2nd.

On 26 september I checked the records online and was suprised to find the car is still not scrapped. Would I dare to ask what happened to the car and try to get it back on the road?

If you want to take a look at all the pictures I've got online, take a look here, just click on the image to view the fullsize image.

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