We finally found some time to collect the RA40 XT. While it was in the open air, we made some new pictures (the first set was a bit dark).

There is a lot to do. Not only a complete buildup, but the brakes need to be rebuild, the left door isn't much, battery is missing and some other minor details (rust ;-)).

After 1 day of work it starts to look a bit like a car. The grill isn't as it should be (fitted with 2 wires and 1 screw :-)) and I'm missing the parking lights and the side blinkers.

After mounting the lights came the big test, would they work.... no... we had some electrical gremlins in the car. It took us a while but after a few hours of checking the wires (and cleaning the connectors :-)) we got the lights to work. (the ones we had anyway :-))

The car is gone, just had to go. We found that the body wasn't nearly as good as we thought after the initial inspection. The car was scrapped 26 october 2002. The good news is... I now have enough parts for my newest car... a 1978 TA40 coupe...

If you want to take a look at all the pictures I've got online, take a look here, just click on the image to view the fullsize image.

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